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"Swab Stick"
Inoculating Loops
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Inoculating Loops and Needles
Available in 3 inoculating Volumes of Micro-Quantity 1 and 10 ul-Vacuum- Gas Plasma Surface treated, allowing liquid or solid culture medium to attach. Colour coded for easy identification.
Code Product Colour Sterility Pack Box
AIN-01 I. Needle White Bulk-Ns 20 20x100
AIL-02 I. Loop Blue-1ul Bulk-Ns 20 20x100
AIL-03 I. Loop Yellow-10ul Bulk-Ns 20 20x100
AIN-01S I. Needle White Single S. 1 1x100
AIL-01S I. Loop Blue-1ul Single S. 1 1x100
AIL-02S I. Loop Yellow-10ul Single S. 1 1x100

Bacterial Cell Spreaders (Imported)
Code Product Sterility Pack Box
ABS-01 L Shape Spreader Bulk-Ns 20 20x10
ABS-01S L Shape Spreader Single. S 1 1x100
ABS-02 T Shape Spreader Bulk-Ns 20 20x10
ABS-02S T Shape Spreader Single S. 1 1x100

Alcohol Swab & Tongue Depressor
Code Product Pack
ASS-09 3 Alcohol Swab individually Packed 1 pc/Pack 100 Nos.
ATD-01 Tongue Depressor Straight Edged (Non-Sterile) 100 Pcs.
ATD-02 Tongue Depressor Straight Edged (Sterile) 1x100 Pcs.