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"Swab Stick"
Spatulas & PAP Kits
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Cervical Spatula
Code Product Pack
ACS-01 Cervical Spatula(Wood) Non Sterile 100 Pcs.
ACS-02 Cervical Spatula(Wood) AYRES Type Non Sterile 100 Pcs.
ACS-03 Cervical Spatula(Plastic) Non Sterile 100 Pcs.

Sterile Individually Packed
Code Product Pack
ACS-01S Cervical Spatula(Wood) Sterile 100 Pcs.
ACS-02S ACS-02S Cervical Spatula(Wood) AYRES Type Sterile 100 Pcs.
ACS-03S ACS-03S Cervical Spatula(Plastic) Sterile 100 Pcs.

Cyto Brush / Cervix Brush
Code Product Pack
ACB-01 Cyto Brush (Non Sterile) 100 Pcs.
ACB-01S Cyto Brush ( Sterile) (Individually Packed) 100 Pcs.
ACB-03 Cervix Brush 100 Pcs.
ACB-03S Cervix Brush Plastic Sterile (Individually Packed) 100 Pcs.

PAP Kit - Sterile
Code Product Pack
APK-01 ASTRA PAP Kit - Sterile (Cyto Brush -01no. with Cervical Spatula -01 no.) 1x25 Sets

ASTRA PAP Kit - Sterile (Cyto Brush- 01no. with Cervical Spatula -01 no.)Hard Packing

1x50 Sets

PAP Smear Kit

(Cyto Brush 01 no, Cervical spatula -1no, Microscopic slide - 1no, Swab with plastic stick - 1no.)

Code Product Pack
APK-02 ASTRA PAP Smear Kit (Sterile) 1x25 Sets
APK-02H ASTRA PAP Smear Kit - (Sterile) Hard Packing 1x50 Sets

Vaginal Speculum
Code Product Pack
AVS-01 Vaginal Speculum - Sterile Size: Large, Medium and small 1x10Nos.