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Laboratory Papers
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Thermal Paper Rolls for Lab Instruments
Code Width in mm Length in mt. Pack
TP101 38mm 20 M 10 nos
TP-102 50mm 20 M 10 nos
TP-103 55mm 20 M 10 nos
TP-104 57mm 20 M 10 nos
TP-105 60mm 20 M 10 nos
TP-106 79mm 20 M 10 nos
TP-107 110mm 20 M 10 nos
TP-108 112mm 20 M 10 nos
Code Width in mm Length in mt. Pack
TP201 38mm 30 M 10 nos
TP202 50mm 30 M 10 nos
TP303 55mm 30 M 10 nos
TP404 57mm 30 M 10 nos
TP505 60mm 30 M 10 nos
TP606 79mm 30 M 10 nos
TP707 110mm 30 M 10 nos
TP808 112mm 30 M 10 nos

Filter Paper
Astra filter papers have strong absorption capacity of liquid. Filter papers are used in laboratory for separation of solids from solutions.
* Qualitative filter paper
Qualitative filter paper is used for general qualitative analysis for sediment filtration or float filtration of solution, but not for qualitative analysis.
* Quantitative filter paper
Quantitative filter paper used for precisely calculating numerical value of filtration, like determination of residue, undissolved substance etc..
Code Product Size Pack
AFP 01 Qualitative Filter paper (Mark 1) Circular-7,9,10,11,12.5,15,18 100
AFP 02 Quantitative Filter paper (Mark 2) Circular-7,9,10,11,12.5,15,18 100

Sterilization Indication Tape
Code Sterilization Width in mm Length in mt. Pack
AST 01 Autoclave 19mm 50 M 10 nos