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Glass Test Tube Without Rim
Test Tube 'U' bottom made of Borosilicate Glass (Boro3.3)
Code Size Thickness Pack
ABT-101S 10x75mm 0.80mm 100nos.
ABT-102S 12X75mm 0.80mm 100nos.
ABT-103S 12X100mm 0.80mm 100nos.
ABT-104S 16X125mm 0.80mm 100nos.
ABT-105S 16X150mm 0.80mm 100nos.

Glass Test Tube With Rim
Test Tube U bottom made of Borosilicate Glass (Boro 3.3)
Code Size Thickness Pack
ABT-201S 10x75mm 0.80mm 100nos.
ABT-202S 12X75mm 0.80mm 100nos.
ABT-203S 12X100mm 0.80mm 100nos.
ABT-204S 16X125mm 0.80mm 100nos.
ABT-205S 16X150mm 0.80mm 100nos.

Test Tube Brush
Made of nylon,
Handle- wire material
Brush head shape-Bar head
Size: Small, Medium. Large
Size Pack
8.5 cm 20nos.
11.5 cm 20nos.
12 cm 20nos.

Code Dimensions Pack
AAT 01 Astra Adult Tourniquet 25nos.
AJT 01 Astra Junior Tourniquet 25nos.