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Disposable ESR Pipettes
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Disposable ESR System
The new ASTRA “Easy-Rate” disposable ESR system allows a rapid execution of ESR as per “Westegren” method. The pipette is provided with a fibre cap which permits the automated reaching of the “0” level in a simple and safe way.
At the interior part, at a precise distance, a little piston allows a quick filling of the pipette, thanks to the pressure exerted with in the tube. The pipette has a printed graduated scale from “0” to “180” and consequently allows an immediate reading in transparence.
The sample can be taken in conventional 12x75mm PS tube or in ESR tube (SLE) 12x75mm.
Code Product Pack Carton
AEP-01 “Easy -Rate” Disposable ESR Pipettes 100 Nos. 10x100
AEP-02 “Easy -Rate” Disposable ESR Pipettes 200 Nos. 10x200
SLE-02 ESR Tube with 3.8% Sodium Citrate 50 Nos. 20x50

Rack for ESR Pipettes
Code Product Pack
ARE-01 12 Position rack (PS) for ESR Pipette Capable of holding 12 ESR Pipettes exactly in vertical position. single